Supporting the cultural sector

The cultural and creative sector were badly hit by the COVID-19 crisis. Almost every cultural event was cancelled. Resulting in financial losses for the sector and a massive cultural hole in society.

We want to contribute to this vital sector by donating one third of our revenue to cultural and creative initiatives around the globe.

We support the following foundations

How does it work

Every 6 months we will donate one third of the revenue and divide it, based on amount of users per region, over three foundation:

  • United States: Americans for the Arts
  • Europe: European Cultural Foundation
  • Netherlands (Our home country): Prince Bernhard Culture Fund
  • Other regions will follow later

So the part of the paid users from the US will go to the Americans for the Arts. From the EU to the European Cultural Foundation and from The Netherlands to the Prince Bernhard Culture Fund. Other regions will follow later.


Every 6 months we will file a report which is checked, validated and signed by our bookkeeper. In this report you can see how much we’ve donated to these foundations. The report will be shared on our website and social media channels.

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